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Yeti Blue mic for podcasting -- reviewed by Beth Conny of WriteDirections.comMy new toy: a Yeti USB professional microphone (see below) that hooks up to my laptop. Even I could master it (no joke; new equipment scares me). All I did was launch GarageBand, plug the mic in and I was ready to do the voice-over for my client.

If you’re thinking of doing podcasts — as I am — this is the way to go. It does stereo, omnidirectional (sounds come in from all sides; at least I think that’s what it means) and bidirectional. It also does cardioid. (Had to look up that term and basically it means that’s it for a single speaker sitting in front of the mic, as I was; records what’s right in front of it instead of in stereo. If that’s not right explanation, correct me in a Comment.)

Hooks up via USB, has a mute and volume control and a “gain,” whatever the hell that is. Cost about $100. It was a bit pricy for me because, well, I tend to be frugal (aka cheap at times), but I had an Amazon gift card. I’m really glad I got it though.

Warning–this is a VERY sensitive mic. I recommend you record with headphones on. (I just used my iBuds.) You’ll see that it picks up everything, e.g., the sound of my sweatpants when I crossed my knees. (Who knew sweat pants made a sound!)

Thanks to my buddy Glen Ferguson of IT Concierge for his recommendation! Ask a question and he has the answer!

Beth Mende Conny,

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