Writers with special needs and talents

Autism and other developmental and physical challenges

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Each year, I work with a small, select group of aspiring writers with special needs, including autism and other developmental and physical challenges. Our work, like our bond, is unique and goes beyond writing to creating the systems and obtaining the tools necessary for publishing success.

Writing requirements

I work with writers of all levels of experience and ability. My only requirement is that you be fully committed to your writing and yourself.


Some of my clients are privately funded, while some are funded through grants and agencies like the Arc, Abilities Network, LISS or Maryland Department of Rehabilitation Services (DORS). Your funding must be in place before coaching begins. Unfortunately, Write Directions cannot offer grants or scholarships.

Support team

You will need a support team, be it of family members, teachers, service coordinators, etc. Two reasons. First, I may need their help in overseeing grant applications and cutting through agency red tape. Second, I want to better understand your special abilities and needs, so we can work as a team to get the supports you need.

Writing services

As with all my clients, your special talents and needs shape the scope our work. Our first of order of business, then, is to tailor a program that supports your success. This means creating the systems and obtaining the supports you need to reach your goals. Although I cannot ensure the latter, I will do what I can to make it possible. This may mean assisting with grant proposals or advocating for you in meetings with funding providers. Please note that I cannot guarantee my participation or your ultimate success, over which I have no control. Please also note that this level of involvement goes beyond my usual coaching and tutorial services, and is billed separately and above your program costs. We’ll work all of that out in advance.

Let’s learn more about each other!