To live is to create

I’m often asked what it’s like to be a writer — how I spend my days, how I experience the world. And so I will be sharing occasional essays from the front lines of my writing life. Enjoy!

Image of woman holding globe, from To Live is to Create, by Beth Mende ConnyCreativity is infinite, ever available. It seeks expression. It needs you.

But not just your great ideas. It needs you to rediscover the world; to clean its dusty corners and buff its dull surfaces. It wants you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, to toss out your assumptions and expectations; to find a way, not just out but in.

It wants you to be lighter and younger, whatever your age; to look around each day and say, “Well, I’ll be darned!” It wants you to love and like and breathe deeply. To listen with your heart. To appreciate the incredible complexity and simplicity of life — and how it all boils down to this:

To live is to create. To create is to live.

So do not hesitate or fear or question the truth. Simply, live.

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