Book pick: Tim Ferriss and the “Four-hour Workweek/Body/Chef”

The 4-Hour Workweek, by Timothy FerrissI’ve been a huge Tim Ferriss fan since reading his first book, the Four-hour Workweek, which I picked up again this week because I needed a refresher.

A friend gave me a copy, even though she knows I’m not fond of self-help books. It’s hard to differentiate among them. Their advice is often hackneyed, whatever the subject.

(Too, and this is embarrassing, self-help books sometimes make me feel crummy about myself. Anyone out there have that experience? If so, let me know so I feel less wacko.)

Know this about the Four-hour Workweek: It’s overwhelming at times. Tim writes in the (hyper)active voice. The book’s very condensed and so packed with ideas and resources that I can only read it in bits and pieces.

Know too that anything I say about the book and Tim’s suggestions for dealing with things like email, interruptions, delegation, traveling the worldbecoming more daring, etc., will sound so trite they’d be a turnoff. But trust me: Nothing in this book is trite. It will make you feel jazzed.

The 4-Hour Body, by Timothy Ferriss The 4-Hour Body, by Timothy Ferriss

I now have Tim’s other books: Four-hour Body and Four-Hour Chef. Lots of interesting stuff in both, stuff you won’t find anywhere else. I’m particularly drawn to his obsession with learning the best way of learning anything. I absolutely wouldn’t want to be him, but he’s pretty darn interesting and inspirational.

Definitely, definitely worth reading him. Check out his Four-hour Work Week resource page. Ferriss also has a blog, which you can access off his site or on iTunes.

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