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Beth Mende Conny, president of Write Directions and Lifenicity writes about how writers can win the Pulitzer Prize.

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A live WriteDirections teleclass you won’t want to miss!


Beth Mende Conny of Write Directions and Lifenicity will be teaching a how to write a book class via teleclass. It is called Time Management for WritersFind time to write — Beth’s top 10 tips

Thursday, Nov. 6, 12-1 p.m., EST
$25, includes downloadable handouts

You have more time to write than you think — and this teleclass will prove it.

In just 60 minutes you’ll learn 10 techniques for getting your writing project up, running and across the finish line. These tips have worked not only for my students and coaching clients but for me (aka the most stubborn writer I know).

None of the 10 require that you radically change your personality or schedule; nor will you need to cut off all contact with the world. Rather, you’ll learn how to rethink, reconfigure and repurpose your free and not-so-free time. Do so and your schedule will open up. So will you mind as you create the conditions by which your writing project can “write” itself.

Specifically you’ll learn to:

  • Purge your limited beliefs about time
  • Better understand the nature of the writing process and your project in particular, and how each moves according to its own “clock”
  • Set priorities that can be shifted on the fly and timetables even you can follow
  • Clear the deck of time wasters (real and imagined)
  • Identify your peak creative periods and hot spots
  • Work on your project even when you’re not officially working on it

Note: You will be responsible for your long distance phone charges.

Questions? Contact me!

Attention “Finish Line” coaching clients! You get a free teleclass with your coaching package. If you want to enroll in this class, let me know and I’ll make special arrangements.

 Register Here.

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