Resources Roundup

Here’s a recap of some great Web links I’ve posted on Facebook. New ones go up every Thursday, so “Like” Write Directions. And don’t forget to subscribe to Write Directions’ monthly newsletter, which also lists resources for writers, in addition to original articles, publishing info, inspirational quotations, etc.

Framing a Contract

Good framework for framing a contract. Click on the links within the article to get at more detailed information.

Contracts resource

Image as featured on the Facebook post for the article.

Diversity in Book Covers

Although this site has gone on hiatus, it’s worth looking at for articles like this one.

Book covers - diversity resource

Image as featured on Diversity in YA

Kindle Forum

This is a community forum for Kindle users and authors. If you join, let me know what you think!

KBoards | a community forum for Kindle Users and Authors

Image of Kindle Boards logo as displayed on KBoards.

Writing a Research Paper

Need to write a research — or well-researched — paper? Start here, and keep clicking on the links.

Legal Topics

This is a VERY busy site and, obviously, wants to channel business; however, it provides great free info. Good info on a variety of legal topics and issues, no matter what kind of writing project you are working on. (Good for personal issues as well!)

Legal issues resources

Image of as displayed on

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