I’m engaged

Author Beth Mende Conny photographed with hand in front of face, sporting a large ringI am engaged! A startling piece of news, perhaps, coming from someone who just celebrated her 30th wedding anniversary. But true nonetheless, though not in the traditional ”I’m engaged” sense.

How to explain this one? Well …

I’ve been thinking lately (another startling piece of news) about the distance I create between myself and others, and how I sometimes think of people as distractions that take me away from …

Hell, I don’t know. I used to think it was writing; how every moment not chained to a desk or creative thought was a moment lost. But lost to what? And how to explain that I am finding people to be more interesting than — dare I say — me?

Yes. That’s it. I’m tired of my own company. Being removed feels too far removed. I want to engage with others.

And so, yesterday, in a crafts store and on a whim, I purchased this “engagement” ring. I wanted something goofy to remind me that it’s okay to put down my pen and hang out in shared space. To enjoy the company of family, friends, acquaintances and perhaps a stranger or two.

Next week, a wedding ring!

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