Coaching FAQ

IMG_0216 - Version 3_2What is coaching?

It’s a respectful one-on-one relationship with a single goal: to complete your writing project, and in a timely manner. As your coach, I provide structured learning, tailored to your needs and personal style. Together we set milestones and work through decision-points (e.g., how best to structure your work, polish your writing, choose the best publishing route, create a marketing plan, etc.). I am a combo of cheerleader, whip-cracker and mentor.

Is it for me?

The Write Directions coaching program isn’t for hobbyists. You need to be fully committed to your project and to your development as a writer. If you’re not ready to roll, you’re not ready for coaching.

How does it work?

Drop me an email and we’ll set up a quick phone call. If we’re a good fit, we’ll create a coaching program that’s tailored to you and your book. We then create a formal plan for writing, publishing and marketing your book. Coaching sessions are conducted by phone. If you are in the Frederick, MD, area, we may be able to meet in-person.

Do you read my work?

Absolutely. Coaching is pointless if I can’t track your progress. As I read, I ask these questions: Is your book well-conceived? Marketable? Will it accomplish your personal and professional goals? Be within your budget and time constraints? Are you writing skills up to snuff? What’s the best route for getting your book into the hands of enthusiastic readers?

Complete manuscript critiques for non-coaching clients are treated separately.

How are meetings scheduled?

Much depends on the type of book you are writing and where you are in the writing process. For example, if your book is heading to press, we may meet or talk by phone twice weekly. If you are in the heavy duty writing stage, we may meet monthly. Whatever the case, I expect you to make tracks. If too much time has passed between meetings and your book is collecting dust, we will have to have an honest talk about whether or not to continue our relationship.

Is coaching a long-term commitment?

Coaching isn’t a commitment — writing your book is. Books vary, and so do timelines. Much depends on your dedication, production and schedule. Expect to commit to 4-12 months. Four is the minimum if you are to gain and maintain momentum, or to publish and market your book. If after four months your book is collecting dust, we will have an honest conversation about whether or not you should continue coaching. Writing is a hike, not a stroll. You have to be willing to go the distance.

How much does coaching cost?

Generally, I work with clients on an hourly basis of $225/hour. Manuscript critiques for non-coaching clients vary based on the book project.

It’s AOK to use your Write Directions gift certificate toward coaching services!

What forms of payment do you take?

Checks, credit cards or PayPal, all of which must be paid in advance of our first meeting. Payment is nonrefundable. However, should you need to take a break, we can pick up where we left off when you’re ready.

Do you offer services for writers with special needs?

Yes! Each year, I work with a small, select group of aspiring writers with special needs, including autism and other developmental and physical challenges. Our work, like our bond, is unique and goes beyond writing to creating the systems and obtaining the tools necessary for publishing success. Learn more.

Any other questions?

Drop me a line!