Facebook Link Roundup

Here’s a recap of some great Web links I’ve posted on Facebook. New ones go up every Thursday, so “Like” Write Directions. And don’t forget to subscribe to Write Directions’ monthly newsletter, which also lists resources for writers, in addition to original articles, publishing info, inspirational quotations, etc.

For Poetry Lovers

If you love poetry, this resource site is for you!

100 Inspiring Sites for Poets and Poetry Lovers

Image as featured on Masters in English.

Mind Maps

What is a mind map, and how can it help your writing? Read this informative article to learn more.

Image of upturned head wiht glowing neural pathways against blue and pink background with glowing chains

Image as featured on Mind Maps.

Keep a Journal

Journaling can help you achieve goals, boost memory, and improve communication skills. Read “10 Surprising Benefits You’ll Get From Keeping a Journal” to find out more.

Image of young professional sitting on yellow couch, legs crossed, writing in a notebook

Image as featured on Pixabay.

When you’re blocked

How do you overcome writer’s block? Here are some tips.

Image of Author Brian Moreland

Image of author Brian Moreland from Writer’s Digest.


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