Facebook Link Roundup

Here’s a recap of some great Web links I’ve posted on Facebook. New ones go up on Thursdays, so “Like” Write Directions. And don’t forget to subscribe to Write Directions’ monthly newsletter, which also lists resources for writers, in addition to original articles, publishing info, inspirational quotations, etc.

The Positive Trait Thesaurus

Is your latest character spunky, adaptable, whimsical? Discover how to flesh out these traits with related emotions and behaviors. The Positive Traits Thesaurus is so detailed, you’ll feel like you have a psychologist on retainer.

Fantasy Map Making

Construct a realistic fantasy map in 14 steps. Orcs not included.


Most Popular Baby Names

In 1890, they were Florence and Harry. In 2017, Aria and Jackson. BabyCenter’s “most popular baby name” search can help you ensure your character’s names are era-appropriate.


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