Reconfiguring our lives

seasonsI enjoy sharing the occasional essay from my personal files with my Write Directions audience. This was originally posted at, where I explore the richness of life in all its dimensions.

Let’s talk about the seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Or is it Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring?

There is no official order, of course, but they are ordered nonetheless, lined up like school children. One follows the other, no pushing to get ahead.

To shift their position is to upset the world order and realign the planets. That certainly won’t do. We humans don’t handle change well. Hell, we get disoriented when forced to change sides of the bed.

And yet, at times, there is a seasonal shakeup, a melding. Fall becomes Spring, as buds of dreams break through barren soil. Summer becomes Winter as love grows cold and hibernates. And so it goes, this year and every year of our lives.

There is mystery and madness to the seasons, hope and glory and sweetness and laughter. And change. Like it or not, the seasons reconfigure our lives. It is best not to fight the inevitable or, at times, to try to understand why it is so. What matters most is to let the planets follow their course and to align with them as best we can.

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