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You DO Have Time to Write (and here’s how to find it)

So, you’ve got that Great American novel inside of you, just itching to get out … or that how-to book that will change the lives of millions … or that screenplay that would be perfect for Hollywood. Now all you need is the time to commit your words to paper. But where, how do you find it? Let me give you a hint: It’s right in front of you! Seriously. Time isn’t some mysterious, elusive […]

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A Writing Space of Your Own

When we talk about creating a writing space, we’re really talking about two kinds — a physical space and a mental space. You need both in which to work. Sure it would be great to have a fantastic office with a great view, but if you can’t keep others out of it or get yourself into it, it won’t do you much good. Let’s start then with mental space. You lay claim to it through […]

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Shut Up and Listen! A Guide for Talkative Interviewers

Being able to listen is essential to your writing; ditto for making conversation. Here are some listening tips, many of which I’ve excerpted from my book The Confident Schmoozer. Keep Your Trap Shut It’s hard to do, of course. You’re one of the world’s most fascinating creatures, not to mention its most intelligent. You know everything about everything, be it politics, movies or the differences among coffee beans, and you gladly share that information with […]

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Beth Conny's 5 reasons you should self-publish

5 Reasons Why You Should Self-publish

1. You have something to say and don’t feel like keeping it to yourself. Call it stubbornness or drive, but you don’t want someone else to determine whether or not you speak, let alone when and to whom. That someone, of course, is a publisher. Publishers are not bad folks, however. Like all of us, they’re doing their job, and it’s a challenging one. Mergers, acquisitions, downsizing—all affect the industry. Add in soft sales, rising […]

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Beth Conny writes about sexist language and how to avoid it.

Safe Sex: How to avoid sexist language in your writing

Gone are the days when we referred to women as gals or by marital rank. No longer do we describe women as women doctors, pilots or athletes. Our language, at last, reflects our values … or at least political correctness. Or does it? Vestiges of the past still slip by. We’re all guilty. It takes time to break old habits and, for some of us, change our perception of others. The challenge is none the […]

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Painfully bad opening sentences

You have to write a great opening if you are to draw readers into your books. The process begins with your very first sentence. You’ve got to nail it, but if you do not, don’t despair. Your sentence may be so bad it may actually win an award. Painfully bad opening sentences are encouraged when you enter San Jose CA State University’s annual Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. ($250 prize; imaginary novels only.) The contest was named […]

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