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Don DeArmon

Meet the author: Don DeArmon pens a delightful hitchhiking memoir

I’m jazzed to introduce you to Don DeArmon, author of Keep Going. Don attended one of my classes on book writing and later became a client — one of those rare ones who love and respect the written word and writing process. Frustrated as he was at times, he never backed off of the need to revise, only to revise his revisions. He was in for the long haul, and his hard work paid off. […]

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Best books 2015 (with some others thrown in)

I’m a book addict. I always carry one around and pack several when I travel. I keep a precarious tower of books beside my bed and a couple in the bathroom. Of the hundreds I haul around each year, I complete a relative few. Not all books hold my interest. Sometimes it’s the writing or subject matter; other times it’s …well, I don’t know. One of my New Year’s resolutions, is to read more books. […]

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Holiday gifts for writers, Part 2

In a previous post, I wrote about holiday gifts that I, as a writer, don’t want. Here, I’ll tell you what I would like. I’m willing to bet a stack of stickies that you’ll want some of these as well. Gift cards Like many writers, I have an addiction to stationery supplies. I drool when I walk through aisles of loose-leaf binders, pens, paperclips, padded envelopes, etc., etc. Back-to-school sales make me hyperventilate. To help feed […]

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Holiday gifts for writers, Part 1

The holidays are a time of assumptions. People assume — sometimes accurately, sometimes not — what writers would want as gifts. They mean well. They want to acknowledge our efforts and facilitate our journey. But sometimes their gifts are not want we need. Examples, all from personal experience: Pens I already have lots of them. I buy several dozen at a time because I go through them quickly (and lose them quickly, even though I […]

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1776 by David McCullough

Books you need to read

After talking with a friend the other day, I got off the phone and thought: “She needs to read.” It’s a great way to get your mind off things, for sure, and to touch something deep, and to be entertained. And as important — to learn new stuff. I love new stuff. The world is so big and complicated and interesting. All this brain food feeds the head and heart, and before you know it, the […]

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The 4-Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferriss

Book pick: Tim Ferriss and the “Four-hour Workweek/Body/Chef”

I’ve been a huge Tim Ferriss fan since reading his first book, the Four-hour Workweek, which I picked up again this week because I needed a refresher. A friend gave me a copy, even though she knows I’m not fond of self-help books. It’s hard to differentiate among them. Their advice is often hackneyed, whatever the subject. (Too, and this is embarrassing, self-help books sometimes make me feel crummy about myself. Anyone out there have that experience? If so, let […]

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Beth Mende Conny, founder of Write Directions and Lifenicity, writes a humorous piece about parenting best-sellers she wishes she had written.

Parenting bestsellers I wish I had written

What joy of what sex? For parents who believe that having a kid is the ultimate form of birth control. Each chapter offers practical advice on getting the old engines humming again. Includes tips on staying awake during sex. How will I tell my child the facts of life when I can’t remember what they are? A primer for parents who are not yet ready for What joy of what sex? Comes complete with pictures that clearly […]

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Judy Korotkin

People You Need to Know: Judy Korotkin

Who is Judy Korotkin? Well, aside from being a published poet she also just so happens to be my wonderful mother. I recently shared this post on my Lifenicity page all about her new book “Horizons,” her second volume of poetry. I may be biased, but I think this is a wonderful book filled with insights that that only Judy could share. Take a minute today and enjoy!

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Content rules

Book Review: Content Rules

Book Review: Content Rules By Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business Should you buy this book? Absolutely, even though it has a loooong subtitle. I don’t like long subtitles because they take forever to read and make empty promises. This one, however, accurately reflects what’s in the book. I bought Content Rules because I knew I’d […]

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Microstyle: The Art of Writing Little

Author Christopher Johnson, Ph.D. (linguistics) is a verbal branding consultant and blogger. His book, Microstyle: The Art of Writing Little is about micromessages; namely, messages encapsulated in a word, phrase, short sentence or, in the case of a tweet, 140 characters. Whether or not you’re a writer, you’ll get a lot from this book. I actually bought a copy (no small praise) because I knew I’d be doing some serious yellow highlighting. Much to […]

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