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Sign in the woods saying Cabin Fever.

Monthly Writing Challenge

Two-Syllable Masterpiece In 50-150 words, write whatever you’d like—a snippet of a novel, an opinion piece, a journal entry. But here’s the catch: All your words must be two syllables long. Example: “Bradley,” Lilly whispered. “Listen closely. Never, ever reveal Wendy’s secret. Wendy wouldn’t forgive, forget … ” “Silly, Lilly,” Bradley chuckled. “Keeping secrets isn’t Wendy’s forte.” Sub-mit su-per en-tries in-to com-ments be-low!

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Facebook Link Roundup

Here’s a recap of some great Web links I’ve posted on Facebook. New ones go up every Thursday, so “Like” Write Directions. And don’t forget to subscribe to Write Directions’ monthly newsletter, which also lists resources for writers, in addition to original articles, publishing info, inspirational quotations, etc. WordCounter How often do you repeat yourself in your writing? Here’s an objective way to find out! Image as featured on Tips for Aspiring Op-Ed Writers 15 […]

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Become a better writer

Let’s face it: most prose is a little flabby. Don’t be embarrassed. Join us at “Become a Better Writer” and learn strategies you can use today to tighten and brighten your work. Create seamless prose, edit ruthlessly, hone your style, fulfill the writer-reader contract and more. Tues., June 13, 7:30 to 9 a.m.  Register Location: Cowork Frederick, 122 E. Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21702

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The Perfect Gift For Your Author Valentine

Do you know what makes a perfect gift for your writing Valentine? A Write Directions gift certificate! Shower your Valentine with Write Directions love and get your gift certificate today! Good for coaching, training, manuscript critique, and classes with Beth Mende, founder of Write Directions. Available in four denominations. Head to the Gift Certificates page to learn more or purchase!

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Beth Mende Conny's latest book, "Fearless Creativity." Remove your fears, release your creative powers, make your dreams come true. Let Fearless Creativity show you how. You’ll get indispensable tips and tools for developing a game plan. Proven strategies for finding the time and support you need. Practical advice for pinpointing your fears, and powerful insights into the true nature of creativity.

Become Fearless in Your Creativity

Remove your fears, release your creative powers, make your dreams come true. What are you allowing fear to keep you from doing? What dreams and goals have been delayed or abandoned because of fear? Far too many people allow fears to keep them from achieving a dream, whether that dream is writing a book, moving overseas, starting a business, seeking higher education, or learning a new skill. It’s a new year and a perfect time […]

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Write Directions newsletter for writers and their books - how-to articles about writer's block, publishing, engaging writing - written by Beth Mende Conny, author and writing coach

Attention subscribers!

Heading your way — February’s Write Directions newsletter. Features include: 5 great websites for writers Word choice — the right word at the right time Inspirational quotes for writers Unblock Writer’s Block teleclass (no more procrastination!) Subscribers also gain access to previous newsletter issues!

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Unblock writer's block teleclass - stop procrastinating, gain momentum, create strategies, identify your blocks and ways to overcome them. Take this teleclass from anywhere in the world! Taught by Author Beth Conny of Write Directions.

Unblock writer’s block

Writer’s block is inevitable. But that doesn’t mean you have to be blocked for long. Not if you understand the true nature of blocks, the benefits they offer and the many ways you can work yourself over, above, around and through them. We’ll tackle each of these things together, so you can create strategies to maintain your writing momentum. In this class, you’ll learn how to: Distinguish between procrastination and “creative pit stops” Identify the […]

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