Beth Conny writes about sexist language and how to avoid it.

Safe Sex: How to avoid sexist language in your writing

Gone are the days when we referred to women as gals or by marital rank. No longer do we describe women as women doctors, pilots or athletes. Our language, at last, reflects our values … or at least political correctness. Or does it? Vestiges of the past still slip by. We’re all guilty. It takes time to break old habits and, for some of us, change our perception of others. The challenge is none the […]

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Newsletters for authors and writers — Beth Mende Conny's Write Directions Newsletter for January 2015

Myth #3 — You have to love your writing project

Join me each month as I share a myth from my book The 9 Biggest Writing Myths (and how to move beyond them). This month we’ll explore the myth about having to love the project you’re working on. Myth #3 Beginning a writing project is like entering a marriage. You willingly make a long-term commitment to have and to hold till publication do you part. You begin your relationship with an idea that makes you all wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. […]

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