Ask the coach: How do I start a daily writing routine?

Ask the coach, Beth Mende Conny, how to establish a daily writing routine


Q. How do I start a daily writing routine?

A. First, define what you mean by “daily.” Every day of the week? Monday through Friday? Two to three days a week? There’s a huge difference among them. Choose carefully.

Setting a routine is a waste unless you can follow it. A routine is not meant to be wishful thinking. It should be practical, not just in scope but also in ability. Producing 25 pages of your book may be too ambitious, just as finding a three-hour block in which to produce them may be impossible for more than two days a week.

In essence, a routine is a goal, one you can reach over time. It leads somewhere. Therefore, think about where you want the routine to take you. What is the goal you want to accomplish? From there, work backwards.

Ask yourself: What’s my end point? What routes can I take to get there? It may be that you have to test drive several, or even adopt more than one to maintain your momentum. For example, one routine for Monday through Wednesday, another for the weekend.

Finally, be advised: Routines get broken. All the time. Don’t sweat it. Just get back on the wagon. Or, if need be, change your routine; perhaps there’s one that works better for you.

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