Ask the Coach: Who should I ask to critique my work?

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Q: I’ve just finished the second draft of my book. Who should I ask to critique it?

A: Be fussy when choosing a critiquer. Share your work with individuals whose opinions matter, not so much personally but professionally. These individuals need to be discerning readers who can offer detailed feedback about what does and does not works. The latter is especially important because it gives you an opportunity to improve your work; that, after all, is your goal.

If possible, enlist three readers. One person’s opinion is, well, one person’s opinion. Two opinions are better than one but may be diametrically opposed. Having a third reader breaks the stalemate, so to speak, and helps you identify what, apparently, isn’t working for more than one of your readers (and, by extension, your future audience). You, of course, always have the final say as to what edits, if any, should be made.

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