Armchair quarterbacking

Sometimes its AOK to be an armchair quarterback, especially when it comes making calls about how you could better use your time. And the best way to do this is to look back over the day or week that has just passed. This process need only take a moment or two; simply take note of where your time has gone, making special note of:

* Time wasters (e.g., watching TV, reading the newspaper, cleaning, engaging in activities done by habit rather than choice)

* People wasters (e.g., telemarketers, folks who don’t respect boundaries, people with agendas that don’t mesh with yours)

* Energy wasters (e.g., tasks that can be delegated, to-do’s that are always being put off yet hang over your head)

Just knowing where you’re letting time slip away gives you a heightened sense, and thereby a greater ability, to stop the “slow leak.”

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