Are your eyes listening?

I love this quote and most especially its author, Sarah Stup.

Art which says "Don't be afraid to be different. Honor Yourself. Sarah Stup"

Sarah is a gifted writer and one of my all-time favorite clients. She has autism and literally types to speak. And what lovely things she shares about life and love. She also writes about difficult things, like the experience of autism —  its sights and sounds, the loneliness.

Of all her pieces — and I’ve read hundreds — this is one of my favorites:

Are your eyes listening?

by Sarah Stup © 2006-2013

Are your eyes listening? 

That’s what needs to happen to hear my writing voice. Because of autism, the thief of politeness and friendship, I have no sounding voice. 

By typing words I can play with my life and stretch from my world to yours. I become a real person when my words try to reach out to you without my weird body scaring you away. Then I am alive.

With writing I reach out to try, and autism or hate or walls of doubt can’t hold me. I am pleased to be typing away — typing away loneliness, typing away silence, using paper to hug you and slap you and join you. 

Click, click, clicking keys are my heartbeat. Listen with your eyes.

There’s lots more of her writing on both her site and blog. Visit!

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