Beth Mende Conny

You’ve been waiting to write your book; it’s been waiting for you. You were meant to be together and the time is now to meet, to move, to complete each other.

So let’s get going, get writing. Together, we’ll bring your book to life.

Write Directions Institute Winter/Spring 2018 Classes

Book coaching

What’s book coaching? A respectful one-on-one relationship with one goal: to help you publish your book. As your coach, I provide structured learning, tailored to your needs and personal style.  I am a combo of cheerleader, whip-cracker and mentor.

However …

The Write Directions coaching program isn’t for hobbyists. You need to be fully committed to your project and to your development as a writer. Ready to stop procrastinating? learn more!

More! More! More!

Write Directions Gift Certificates

Inspire the writer in your life — including you! Certificates are available in different denominations and include a frameable 4x5 gift print: “Life is a book. Write it.”

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