faq — write directions institute

Beth Conny working with writers at the Write Directions Institute

What is the Write Directions Institute?

WDI is home to writers like you who need expert advice on the craft and business of writing. Here, they are part of a community of creative souls who share their personal and professional goals. It is a place of support and inspiration, fueled by the power of words.

What programs does WDI offer?

WDI classes, or intensives, generally are 90-minutes long to accommodate your busy schedule. Each class covers a topic critical to your writing success, be it in print or in the digital world. Classes are open to writers of all levels and genres. Most classes are offered twice a semester, on different dates and at different times. Many have follow-up workshops, accountability groups or coaching. Most classes are limited to 15 students. Spaces fill quickly.

Who are WDI’s instructors?

All are experts dedicated to fast-tracking your success. Veterans of their fields, they’ll help you develop your knowledge, skills and confidence. All of their classes offer ample opportunities for Q&As. You can learn more about individual instructors in each course description.

How are classes scheduled?

Classes are offered at three convenient times to meet the needs of students who prefer early morning, midday or evening sessions: 7:30-9 am, Noon-1:30 pm and 6:30-8 pm. Times of follow-up workshops, accountability groups and coaching sessions are set by the instructors.

Where are classes held?

WDI makes its home at Cowork Frederick, a collaborative workspace for creative professionals, located in historic Downtown Frederick. Because the building is historic, it has no elevator or handicap access. It requires four steps to enter. WDI classes are held on the second floor.

Questions about classes?