How to Write a Book in 30 years


Photo Credit: Nick McPhee

Can you really write a book in 30 days? Maybe, maybe not.  I do know, however, that you can write a book in 30 years. Here’s how:

1)      Spend the next 29 years talking about writing your book.

2)      Wait for a guarantee that your book will be universally acclaimed, not to mention profitable.

3)      Determine ahead of time every chapter, paragraph, turn of a phrase and punctuation mark.

4)      Write and rewrite your first chapter until it is perfect. Once perfect, rewrite it.

5)      Wait for all the significant and insignificant people in your life to put your aspirations before theirs.

6)      Never share your work with anyone of discriminating taste.

7)      Read every book ever published on procrastination.

8)      Resolve all of the childhood issues that keep you paralyzed.

9)      Clean out your office once and for all.

10)  Ignore your dreams.

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