Time management for writers

Beth Mende Conny of WriteDirections (Write Directions) seminar / workshop on Time management for writers.

Join me for this hands-on workshop. Location: Cowork Frederick, 122 E. Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21701.

Wednesday, April 2, Noon – 1:30
Cowork Frederick
122 E. Patrick St.
Frederick, MD 21702

Time management is thought management. Rethink and recast, and you’ll learn how to gain and sustain momentum.

Momentum is critical if you want or need to write a book, article, newsletter, blog post, whatever. You can’t produce squat without it. And that means you can’t achieve your goal of using your writing to build your business, further your cause or simply express yourself. Face it: If you can’t get going, you ain’t going nowhere.

“You DO have time to write — and here’s how to find it” challenges the belief that your time is limited and that you, thereby, are limited. It will show you where to find the pockets of time you’ve overlooking and expand the time you already have. It will give you the insights, strategies and tools that will build your confidence and get your project across the finish line.

This class will help you …
•    Understand the true nature of the writing process and your project in particular
•    Identify your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly pockets of time
•    Clear the deck of time wasters (real and imagined)
•    Anticipate your creative peaks and lulls
•    Work on your project even when you’re not officially working on it

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