You Don’t Have to be a Writer to Write

you don't have to be a writer

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Join me each month as I share a myth from my book The 9 Biggest Writing Myths (and how to move beyond them)This month we’ll explore Myth #1 and what you really need to be a writer.

Myth #1: You don’t have to be a writer to write

Some professions require that you first become the thing you want to be before setting out your shingle.

Take physicians. They have to complete medical school and their internships and residencies, and then pass their boards before they can practice medicine. In essence, they have to become doctors before they can become doctors. Same thing with lawyers. They’ve got to go through law school and pass the bar before they can practice.

Not so writers.
 Writers don’t need previous training or experience. They don’t need to have written, let alone to have published, before they can write. They just need to show up and say “Hey, I want to be a writer,” and they’re hired on the spot.

Inexperienced as you may be at writing, you are experienced in other, equally important ways. You have attended the School of Life, from which you may even have earned an advanced degree. Who you are, where you’ve been, what you see and think and feel—all matter. Good writing, after all, is good, rich living.

As a writer, you bring to your new profession great ideas and buckets of heart and soul. You have an important message to convey, key information to share. You want to make the world a better place, to make others laugh, cry, believe in themselves once again. And you want to have some fun along the way.

You can do all this and more — here, now, today.

You don’t have to put off writing until you’re older, wiser, 10 pounds thinner. You don’t have to wait until you leave your job, gain self- confidence, or buy a new computer. There are no prerequisites. Writing, after all, is both journey and destination. No advance booking or preparation is required.


Excerpted from Beth Mende Conny’s booklet 9 Biggest Writing Myths (and how to move beyond them).

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