Self-publishing 101

Self-publish your book - now! (photo of open book tied with a heart-shaped bow)Self-publishing isn’t for every writer, but it has incredible advantages. You don’t have to get an agent or publisher’s approval, give up editorial and design control, or settle for minuscule royalties (if any). Rather, you are the one who determines your book’s content and look. You oversee its scheduling and production. And you create the winning marketing strategy that will connect you with loyal readers, whomever and wherever they may be. In sum: You determine your book’s fate—this session will show you how.

In this class you will learn how to:

  • Distinguish between the traditional (agent/publisher) and self-publishing models.
  • Walk step-by-step through the self-publishing cycle, from idea to print and beyond.
  • Recruit a self-publishing team, including book coach, designer, proofreader and printer.
  • Create a budget for publishing and marketing your book.
  • Identify possible roadblocks

Location: Cowork Frederick, 122 E. Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21702

Picture of Beth Mende Conny, founder Write DirectionsInstructor Beth Mende Conny is the president of Write Directions and the founder of the Write Directions Institute. She has written, edited and ghosted more than four dozen books and midwifed dozens of others for her coaching clients. Beth also helps large and small businesses and not-for-profits publish books to expand their markets and develop intimate relationships with their clients and customers. Learn more about Beth, her coaching and critique services. Join Beth on Facebook.

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Fall 2017 Program

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