How to write a book

1-hour Teleclass — FREE

Wednesday, February 21, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Eastern

For writers of all levels and genres

Led by author Beth Mende Conny, director of the Write Directions Institute

We had a lively class! Listen to the recording below.

Image hands on a keyboard, blurred from fast typing, How to Write a Book (teleclass). Wednesday, 2/21, 7-8 pm, Write Directions Institute

Writing a book is straightforward. You sit, you write. Voila! You’re done. Theoretically. Alas, there are steps in-between, and in this free teleclass we’ll cover them. By hour’s end, you’ll have a clear sense of what a book project entails, and if you have the time, energy and interest to dive in.

Specifically, you will:

  • Learn how the writing and publishing process works.
  • Identify the characteristics that distinguish books from other writing forms.
  • Determine the pros and cons, and skills required to undertake so ambitious a project.
  • Pinpoint your personal goals and how your book will benefit others.
How does a teleclass work?
It’s easy! When you register, you’ll be given a phone number and an access code. Simply dial in a minute or two before the class starts and enter the access code when prompted. We’ll be there to greet you. There will be a mix of teaching and conversation.

Picture of Beth Mende Conny, founder Write DirectionsInstructor Beth Mende Conny is the president of Write Directions and the founder of the Write Directions Institute. She has written, edited and ghosted more than four dozen books and midwifed dozens of others for her coaching clients. Beth also helps large and small businesses and not-for-profits publish books to expand their markets and develop intimate relationships with their clients and customers. Learn more about Beth, her coaching and critique services. Join Beth on Facebook.

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