Write Directions Institute – Fall 2017

I have a great idea for a book—now what?

A 3-month workshop for writers ready to jump-start their books

**Registration is now closed — please stay tuned for further workshops.**

I have a great idea for a book - now what? (lightbulb image)

Stop waiting. Stop dreaming.
Start writing your book—now!

Sure it will be a challenge, but you won’t face it alone. This workshop will jump-start your book by stepping you through the book-writing process. You will learn to:

  • Master the strategies and skills that build writing muscle.
  • Develop your book concept and personal voice.
  • Find the time and resources your book requires.
  • Organize your ideas and materials to suit readers’ needs.
  • Work through inevitable blocks.
  • Create a strategic plan to maintain your momentum.

As important: This program will teach you how to think like a writer and to grow as one. You will learn how to turn your great idea into a book — and to write that book NOW!

$299 for writers of all levels and genres

This program is available at the times below and by custom arrangement.

Three 2-hour sessions, from 12:00 to 2:00 pm on the following Fridays:

  • October 6
  • November 3
  • December 1

Sessions consist of 1.5 hours instruction and discussion, and .5 hours of Q&A and personalized strategic planning.

Also included:

  • 1-hour personal coaching ($225 value)
  • Free Cowork Frederick Day Pass ($25 value)
  • Monthly check-in’s
  • Course materials

Workshop led by Beth Mende Conny, Director, Write Directions Institute

Location: Cowork Frederick, 122 E. Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21702

Custom arrangements

Recruit three or more other writers and Beth will create a more conveniently scheduled workshop for you!


Add your name to our waiting list, and we will determine dates and times that work for you and other writers.

Contact Beth for details.

More workshop info

Does the program cover book publishing?

You cannot publish a book you have not written. My goal is to get you to write — and to finish — that book so you can then publish it. I offer separate programs in publishing via print, the Internet, podcasts, etc. Subscribe to the Write Directions newsletter to keep apprised of dates and times.

Will grammar and punctuation be discussed?

This class is about taking a great idea and giving it shape and substance. Subject-verb agreement, semi-colon use, etc., are important, but they come later and separately, and are beyond the scope of this program.

Is tuition refundable?

Nope. I am holding you to your commitment to write your book. However, you can use your $299 tuition toward coaching services and other Write Directions Institute programs. But note: There is no guarantee that “I Have a Great Idea for a Book” will be offered again or in the same format. Transfer requests MUST be made via email by Friday, September 29, 5 pm, to Institute@WriteDirections.com.

About Instructor Beth Mende Conny

Picture of Beth Mende Conny, founder Write DirectionsBeing a writer is not my profession or even my calling. It is who I am. I live and breathe words. I understand their power to change lives, and how that power, when channeled into books, is awe-inspiring.

I want you to experience this awe by helping you, as I help all my students and coaching clients, bring your great idea for a book to life. And I will give you all I’ve got: decades of knowledge of how books are conceived, developed and written. As importantly, I will train you how to think like a writer, to trust yourself and your ideas as much as I already do. My bio.



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