Copyright Law—What All Writers Must Know

Copyright Law at Write Directions InstituteAttention all writers! It doesn’t matter whether you write fiction or nonfiction, or are published or not, your work is subject to a variety of intellectual property laws, most specifically copyright law. That’s why it’s critical to know how and when to protect yourself.

In this class you will learn:

  • the principles of copyright law, what it protects and for how long.
  • why, when and how writers should register their work.
  • how to assert and protect your copyright in print and online.
  • what types of works fall within the fair use doctrine and other authorized uses of copyrighted works, including Creative Commons licenses.
  • how to deal with licensing agreements with publishers and other parties.

Class location: Cowork Frederick, 122 E. Patrick St., Frederick, MD

Matt Johnston at Write Directions Institute

Instructor Matt Johnston is an attorney who works exclusively with small businesses and many creative professionals, providing services ranging from starting businesses to acting as a general counsel to medium-sized businesses. Matt also provides copyright and trademark counseling to all clients. You can read more about Matt’s practice, his writings on various legal topics here. Follow Matt on Facebook and Twitter.[embedit snippet=”break-code”]

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Fall 2017 Program

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