Blogging: How to Create Great Content and a Loyal Following

Writing a blog is like making a marriage proposal.

Beth Mende Conny of is teaching a class in Frederick, Maryland on Blogging: How to Write Great Content and Build a Loyal Following. Join her. Visit for details.Word choice and delivery are critical if you’re to convince someone to enter into a meaningful, long-term relationship. In this class, you’ll learn how to get readers to say “I do.”

You’ll also learn how to prove your commitment by writing content that engages, informs and rallies action, be it to a cause, product or new way of thinking; fresh content that ensures the sparks keep flying.

You’ll learn how to …

  • Marry together your goals and your follower’s needs
  • Create an editorial calendar to keep you productive — and sane
  • Develop your personal voice and consistently great content
  • Increase your readership via social (and anti-social) media

Your Instructor

Beth Mende Conny directs the Write Directions Institute. She is also the founder of, which offers how-to articles, invaluable books and resources, and a blog dedicated to helping writers build writing muscle, fast-track projects and increase their visibility and marketability in print and online.

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Fall 2017 Program

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