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Start writing your novel or nonfiction book, with this advice from Beth Conny, writing coach, author and founder of Write Directions for writers.

Writing Myth #4 — You have to begin correctly

What’s the best place to begin your project? At the only place you can begin—the beginning. Wherever the heck that may be. Beginnings vary from writer to writer. Some writers jump in by writing the pivotal scene of their novels and then working backwards. Others dash off to the library to gather reams of notes and quotes. Still others hole up in coffee shops to sketch by hand and heart the grand sweep of their literary vision. Ultimately, one beginning is […]

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Inspirational Quotations — A Roundup of My Favorites

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Those who know me know I hoard quotations. For this I have to thank my father, a writer, who collected quotes the way others collect coins. They were the currency from which he drew inspiration. While mine are kept in computer files, his were typed on index cards and taped to the walls of his studio apartment. They were the wallpaper he gazed upon first thing in the morning as the […]

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Need inspiration to write? Think again says Author Beth Mende Conny, founder of Write Directions and Lifenicity.

Writing myth #2 — You need inspiration to write

Join me each month as I share a myth from my book The 9 Biggest Writing Myths (and how to move beyond them). This month we’ll explore Myth #2 — You need inspiration to write.  The Muse enters our lives in searing flashes that illuminate our inner and outer worlds. Her light reveals the grand sweep and scope of our projects. Suddenly, incredibly, we not only know what to write but how to write it. Complex concepts unfold logically, […]

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Beth Mende Conny of Write Directions and Lifenicity shares lessons learned about working with editors.

Magazine editors, sex and allergies

I first learned about the power of an editor’s pen when I submitted my first article to a national women’s magazine called Good Looks, a low-budget Cosmopolitan knock-off. The editor accepted the piece promptly and sent me a contract. I was thrilled and cared little about relinquishing all rights; I just wanted to be published. I did, however, cringe to find that she had changed the title of my piece. Instead of: “What do you […]

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you don't have to be a writer

You Don’t Have to be a Writer to Write

Join me each month as I share a myth from my book The 9 Biggest Writing Myths (and how to move beyond them). This month we’ll explore Myth #1 and what you really need to be a writer. Myth #1: You don’t have to be a writer to write Some professions require that you first become the thing you want to be before setting out your shingle. Take physicians. They have to complete medical school and their […]

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bounce back

6 Ways to Bounce Back From Rejection

This article is adapted from the book Fearless Creativity by Beth Mende Conny, founder of Write Directions. Rejection sucks. It should be outlawed. Anyone who challenges your abilities, should be tarred and feathered and made to feel as badly as you do. And then they should be forced to apologize on YouTube: “I was an idiot. This person is brilliant. We should name a country after him or her!” Fat chance. And so it goes. […]

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what not to wear

What NOT to Wear When Interviewing Someone: A Writer’s Guide

Just as there is a dress code when interviewing for a job, there’s one for doing an in-person interview. It’s a loose one, and you’ll not find discussion of it in any book. Here then is some guidance. Dress appropriately One of my first assignments as a reporter was to interview the director of a botanical garden. I wanted to look professional, so I wore my one good outfit: a pair of black slacks (anything […]

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How to Write a Book in 30 years

Can you really write a book in 30 days? Maybe, maybe not.  I do know, however, that you can write a book in 30 years. Here’s how: 1)      Spend the next 29 years talking about writing your book. 2)      Wait for a guarantee that your book will be universally acclaimed, not to mention profitable. 3)      Determine ahead of time every chapter, paragraph, turn of a phrase and punctuation mark. 4)      Write and rewrite your first […]

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Beth Mende Conny of Write Directions and Lifenicity write about the need to write and how to share your love.

Becoming a Writer Is Not a Choice

Enough of the handwringing. No more of the moans. It’s time to do what you must do—write. Here’s why: The urge to write is physical and demands a physical response You can feel your ideas swell like the tide. The words are fast behind. They long to find land, the page. You alone can bring them to shore and hold them like a shell to your ear. And when you they whisper, “Let me become,” […]

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Beth Mende Conny of Write Directions posts an article about how to balance writing and family.

Balancing Writing and Family

  How, given our hectic everyday lives and family responsibilities, do we find the energy, space, and time it takes to bring a creative work into being? As a full-time writer who’s also a work-at-home mom, I’ve grappled with this question for years. And I’ve found some answers I’d like share: Now’s as good a time as any to write Sure, you can wait until the living room’s been painted, the car’s been paid off, […]

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