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Ask the coach: Who should critique my book?

Q: I’ve just finished the second draft of my book. Who should I ask to critique it? A: Be fussy when choosing a critiquer. Share your work with individuals whose opinions matter, not so much personally but professionally. These individuals need to be discerning readers who can offer detailed feedback about what does and does not work. The latter is especially important because it gives you an opportunity to improve your work; that, after all, […]

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Chocolate Cake for dealing with rejection

Ask the coach: How do you deal with rejection?

With difficulty. Nonetheless, I manage to keep going. I guess it’s because I know what’s on the other side of it: a book. I’ve published a few dozen books, so I don’t doubt I have the ability to write one. I’m also confident about the quality of my work. This knowledge helps some as I work through my vulnerability. The process isn’t necessarily easy, however. When I feel rejected, the first thing I do is […]

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my first book

My First Book Sale: Coors and the Pioneering of the Aluminum Can

My first book was commissioned by the Adolph Coors Company, maker of Coors beer. At that time (and perhaps still) Coors was one of the largest aluminum can-making companies in the world and had been pivotal in the development of recyclable aluminum cans. Many of the people who had been involved in the Coors’ can-making effort were either retiring from the company or literally dying off. The company wanted to produce a book that would […]

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Beth Mende Conny of Write Directions gives advice on how to grow your business by writing a book.

Write a Book, Build Your Business (Part 2)

To write a book you need three things: An idea, a reason and a plan. The idea for your book doesn’t have to be original (consider all the management and sales books on the market). But it does need a unique slant, presentation or voice; ideally, all three. The reason for writing your book is that which lies beyond the finish line. Whether it’s to position yourself as an expert or increase sales, you have […]

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Gain Subscribers to Your Newsletter

Newsletters have great appeal—to a limited number of subscribers. But that’s okay. A limited number can be substantial; it can even run into the millions. To gain subscribers, you must focus on their wants and needs. Follow these five steps. 1. Narrow your scope Newsletters differ from mass market magazines and newspapers in that they appeal to a very specific, narrowly targeted audience. The narrower your focus, the greater your depth. That’s because you provide […]

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Beth Mende Conny of Write Directions gives advice on how to grow your business by writing a book.

Write a Book, Build Your Business (Part 1)

Have you ever browsed through business books and wondered, “What makes these people experts? What do they know that I don’t?” The answer is twofold: They understand the power of books as a marketing vehicle — and they act on that knowledge. Books build reputations. They position one as an industry leader, while promoting one’s products and services. They have cachet and they fulfill one’s dream of becoming an author. One more thing: Books are […]

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Beth Mende Conny of writes about writing a business plans for writers

Ten Components of a Writer’s Business Plan

Writing is a business, like any other. You may not have a storefront or factory, but you produce a product, be it a book, a screenplay, or series of articles. It’s critical then to have a business plan to help you achieve success. 1. Identify your product. What do you intend to produce? A book, article, series of promotional pamphlets? A service by which you enrich, encourage, inform others through the written word? Be as […]

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beth mende conny graphic designer

How to find and work with a graphic designer

Looks matter. The design of our books, brochures, Web sites and stationery tells others who we are—personally and professionally. That’s why it’s critical that we find just the right graphic designer to create just the right image for our material. But where and how do we find such a talented soul? And what can we do, as clients, to keep our projects on track and within budget? As the founder of, I work with […]

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beth mende conny bestseller

Want to Write a Bestseller? Heed This Advice

Before you write a bestseller, write a book. Before you write a book, write a chapter. Before you write a chapter, write some paragraphs. Before you write some paragraphs, know what you will say. Before you know what to say, pinpoint what you WANT to say. Before you pinpoint what you want to say, ask yourself why you want to say it. Before you ask yourself why you want to say it, listen to the […]

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