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10 Hot Tips For Conducting a Winning Interview (A Writer’s Guide)

1. Determine your bottom line Before conducting an interview, get crystal clear about what you want and why. Without this understanding, your interview is like a car rolling along without a driver. It may have momentum, but it doesn’t have direction. Once you’ve identified your bottom line—the information you have to walk away with in order to write your piece—you and your subject are free to meander conversational back roads. 2. Heed the agenda Every […]

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Beth Mende Conny of WriteDirections (Write Directions) seminar / workshop on Time management for writers.

Time management for writers

Wednesday, April 2, Noon – 1:30 Cowork Frederick 122 E. Patrick St. Frederick, MD 21702 Time management is thought management. Rethink and recast, and you’ll learn how to gain and sustain momentum. Momentum is critical if you want or need to write a book, article, newsletter, blog post, whatever. You can’t produce squat without it. And that means you can’t achieve your goal of using your writing to build your business, further your cause or […]

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How do you deal with naysayers?

Honestly? Well, first I get angry at them, do the whole “what-an-idiot” routine. Then I cower a bit, thinking they know better than me somehow. Then I pretend they don’t bother me, even though they seem to occupy every square inch of my mind. Then I seek out someone I love so I feel loved. Then I start thinking more clearly and objectively (often, about how he/she truly is an idiot). Then I start all […]

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Beth Mende Conny of Write Directions gives advice on how to grow your business by writing a book.

Write a Book, Build Your Business (Part 1)

Have you ever browsed through business books and wondered, “What makes these people experts? What do they know that I don’t?” The answer is twofold: They understand the power of books as a marketing vehicle — and they act on that knowledge. Books build reputations. They position one as an industry leader, while promoting one’s products and services. They have cachet and they fulfill one’s dream of becoming an author. One more thing: Books are […]

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Beth Mende Conny of Write Directions gives you advice on how to move beyond writer's block and other self-limiting thoughts.

How to Stall Your Writing Career

If you’re looking for a guaranteed way to stall your writing career, here it is: Assume the world is awaiting your arrival. No offense, but most people don’t have a lot of time to waste. They’re busy with work, home and finding themselves. Why should they put your needs ahead of their own? But ‘fess up, you expect them to. And why not? You’re no dime-a-dozen writer. Your work is so brilliant it’s blinding. It […]

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Beth Mende Conny of Write reviews external hard drives, including the SP Silicon Power Drive for Mac.

External drives I love, like, don’t like

I’m on a Mac, use Time Machine for backup and have four external hard drives, some off site. That probably seems like overkill. (Actually, now that I’m reading this, it really is overkill.) But if you’ve ever had an external drive die on you or suddenly hear clicking coming from one, you can get a bit paranoid. Sounds horrid, but I’m expecting one of these babies to keel over any minute. Thinking about my files and […]

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How to Write a Speech: Giving Your Audience What it Needs

I’ve heard that more people fear public speaking than they do death. I don’t know if this is true, but I do know that all of us, like comics, fear dying on stage. And therein lies the problem: We think we have to make people roll in the aisles. But really, our task is easier. We just have to be helpful. Here’s why: Our audience is egocentric People attend speeches and/or presentations because they have […]

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Beth Mende Conny of Write Directions tells you how to write great content for you blog and web site.

How to Write Great Web Site Content

Be inclusive When writing for the Web, use simple terms and phrasing that everyone will understand. When in doubt, leave it out (or reword). Know your audience Be inclusive, yes, but know your audience. Just as people in different countries speak different languages, so do visitors to your Web site. Age, sex, educational level — all influence word choice. Purge jargon Jargon turns simple concepts into complicated ones. It’s unimaginative, even lazy and adds flab […]

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