Writing Myth #6 - You need time to write

Writing Myth #6 — You need lots of time to write

Join me each month as I share a myth from my book The 9 Biggest Writing Myths (and how to move beyond them). This month we’ll explore the myth about needing lots of time to write. When we think of writers, real writers, we imagine them holed up in their rooms for long stretches of time, telephones off and do-not-disturb signs on the door. Uninterrupted, their creative juices flow in a continuous stream, until hours later, feeling mentally […]

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The Elements of Style, by Willam Strunk, Jr.

9 famous self-published books

Source: Richard Nelson Bolles — What Color is Your Parachute (22 editions, 6 million copies, 11 languages and 288 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list). Tom Peters — In Search of Excellence (more than 25,000 copies sold directly to consumers in its first year). The One-Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson (sold more than 20,000 copies locally before authors sold it to William Morrow. It has now sold more than […]

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Make money writing? Here's how to price your work according to Beth Conny of Write Directions. Beth is a writer, editor and writing coach who consults with writers and their book projects, be they fiction or nonfiction.

Do you have empty pockets?

Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty hearts and empty heads can do that. —Norman Vincent Peale Money is not a prerequisite for writing. Each and every moment you put toward your work compounds like interest in a bank, growing your investment, your craft, your sense of self as a writer.

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The 4-Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferriss

Book pick: Tim Ferriss and the “Four-hour Workweek/Body/Chef”

I’ve been a huge Tim Ferriss fan since reading his first book, the Four-hour Workweek, which I picked up again this week because I needed a refresher. A friend gave me a copy, even though she knows I’m not fond of self-help books. It’s hard to differentiate among them. Their advice is often hackneyed, whatever the subject. (Too, and this is embarrassing, self-help books sometimes make me feel crummy about myself. Anyone out there have that experience? If so, let […]

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Start writing your novel or nonfiction book, with this advice from Beth Conny, writing coach, author and founder of Write Directions for writers.

Writing Myth #4 — You have to begin correctly

What’s the best place to begin your project? At the only place you can begin—the beginning. Wherever the heck that may be. Beginnings vary from writer to writer. Some writers jump in by writing the pivotal scene of their novels and then working backwards. Others dash off to the library to gather reams of notes and quotes. Still others hole up in coffee shops to sketch by hand and heart the grand sweep of their literary vision. Ultimately, one beginning is […]

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Write Directions newsletter for writers and their books - how-to articles about writer's block, publishing, engaging writing - written by Beth Mende Conny, author and writing coach

Attention subscribers!

Heading your way — February’s Write Directions newsletter. Features include: 5 great websites for writers Word choice — the right word at the right time Inspirational quotes for writers Unblock Writer’s Block teleclass (no more procrastination!) Subscribers also gain access to previous newsletter issues!

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Unblock writer's block teleclass - stop procrastinating, gain momentum, create strategies, identify your blocks and ways to overcome them. Take this teleclass from anywhere in the world! Taught by Author Beth Conny of Write Directions.

Unblock writer’s block

Writer’s block is inevitable. But that doesn’t mean you have to be blocked for long. Not if you understand the true nature of blocks, the benefits they offer and the many ways you can work yourself over, above, around and through them. We’ll tackle each of these things together, so you can create strategies to maintain your writing momentum. In this class, you’ll learn how to: Distinguish between procrastination and “creative pit stops” Identify the […]

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Inspirational Quotations — A Roundup of My Favorites

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Those who know me know I hoard quotations. For this I have to thank my father, a writer, who collected quotes the way others collect coins. They were the currency from which he drew inspiration. While mine are kept in computer files, his were typed on index cards and taped to the walls of his studio apartment. They were the wallpaper he gazed upon first thing in the morning as the […]

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