Beth Mende Conny

You’ve been waiting to write your book; it’s been waiting for you. You were meant to be together and the time is now to meet, to move, to complete each other.

So let’s get going, get writing. Together, we’ll bring your book to life.

Write Directions Institute

Fall classes are coming!

The Write Directions Institute just finished its Spring semester and we're jazzed! A HUGE thanks to our students for sharing their time, dreams and thoughtful questions. We look forward to seeing you in print!

In the meantime, our instructors are putting together a great lineup of Fall classes. Are there topics you'd like covered? Let us know pronto! We want to support you as best we can.

As always, classes will be held at Cowork Frederick in downtown Frederick, MD. Each will be limited to 15 students. And remember, spaces will fill quickly!

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